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Memsql is lock free, but how?

Had memsql come by and give architecture presentation yesterday so i started reading … complicated, and no detailed explanation of how it works anywhere! Kinda need to know your c/asm… and in the end, you get to things like “lock; cmpxchg16b” (mentioned in blog and here )

It’s a hardware assisted atomic operation (two of them – compare, and swap). Neat. There’s still cache sync overhead in hardware (actually pretty huge relatively speaking), but what can we do… I just wish this was explained better somewhere.

Also, as this article summarizes, “the cache coherence protocols and memory barrier instructions don’t seem to scale very well” – so shared-memory multi-CPU architectures will hit the wall too, and we’ll need new type of memory architecture to support in-memory databases. It will still lock, but better 🙂 In fact, the latest and greatest Intel CPU already got some instructions for this,

Written on April 9, 2014