Word 2007 as blogging software

Microsoft Live Writer, cool software. An oddity of sorts for Microsoft – something that works well in v1. And works with multiple blog providers. And looks nice while doing that (with theme download and a bunch of addons).

But I can’t use it. I have a 130dpi monitor (one of those 1920×1200 17″ laptops – calculate your dpi here http://members.ping.de/~sven/dpi.html ), and of course everything is tiny by default. Windows 7 and all apps I use do a very good job scaling their UI, finally. Well, maybe it was the same with Vista, but I didn’t have high dpi. With NoSquint for Firefox (IE8 zooms in by default, based on Windows scale settings – nice touch) and all fonts in Visual Studio adjusted I really can’t tell difference between normal 80-90dpi and my 133dpi – it just looks much better (more pixels + ClearType). In some other software I use I also had to adjust font sizes (Trillian Astra, Skype, Outlook). Can’t adjust anything in Writer – I tried everything, even found where it downloaded my blog’s theme and tried changing size there – doesn’t work, well no obvious place to change it anyways.

So today I finally decided to write something in my blog *crickets*, and trying Word 2007 now. Setup wasn’t without a problem, as Word doesn’t include the nice auto-configuration setup of Writer. For those interested, /yourmtfolder/mt-xmlrpc.cgi is the path to the MetaWebLogApi script of MovableType. Couldn’t make Atom work for some reason, although apparently there is mt-atom.cgi.

As a UI, Word is definitely a step back from Writer – no themes, no addons, categories/tags don’t download. But you know what, I don’t that much care – I have good size font to write in, and that’s all I need. Will see how it handles pictures and VS formatting next.

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