My experience with ExtJS

So more than a year ago I wrote about my new project – starting a re-write of our main application using ExtJS, AJAX and web services.

The project actually progressed very well (albeit I was the only developer on it, but that’s even more fun!). I have a proof of concept application, window and class framework to build on, a set of business classes and complete database schema for a good Point-of-Sale application. I have proved that a RAD environment can be set up and extended using the technologies I picked.

The modules I have created are:

  • Customer and item entry and search (with cool use of LiveGrid extension to view entire inventory or customer base)
  • Order search, creation, modification and saving
  • Sidebar for most important features
  • Theme changing (hey, it has to look cool)
  • Login and security system (using membership and roles on the server)

So far that’s all, I have actually stopped about 14 months ago, and started working on brand new project (more on that later).

I still think ExtJS is a very good framework, especially if you want to design a true AJAX app (not just spice up your old one). With all the FUD that was created by license switch, it’s hard to see the forest through all the trees. Yes, license changed, yes it was done poorly. But face it – it doesn’t make ExtJS any less cool as a technology, and it is worth the money they are asking (in my opinion anyways).

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